pjPJ’s Story

PJ started CrossFit in October 2013, but took a break recently to attend and graduate from the Austin Police Department. PJ and his girlfriend, Kaitlyn moved to Austin from New Jersey and joined CrossFit Cedar Park.

When Kaitlyn would come to visit Austin, she tried out multiple boxes and really loved pj1CFCP. She met Coach  BiggDave Tillman and everyone else and thought how awesome and family-like the place is. When CrossFit 2222 opened, they moved to this location because it is closer to home.

PJ’s  job has its ups and downs. He often work nights and his schedule changes every 3-4 days and this takes it toll on him. As a police officer, he work a dangerous job and cannot afford to be out of shape. That could mean the difference of him going home in the morning to his family or not. It is the nature of what he does…. the unknown and unknowable.

PJ was super excited this year to join the Holly Jolly challenge. During this 6 weeks, he dropped 10lbs and has lost more since then. He dropped 4% bodyfat as well. He feels stronger in his workouts and has seen definite improvements in strength and conditioning.

“CrossFit 2222 is where I can come and be myself. I can be PJ and not a cop. I let all the stress out and can be around great people that care about me. Since starting with CF2222, I feel better and my ability to stay awake and focused at night has definitely increased. I sleep better and wake up ready to take on each day!”


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