Thanks Cassie!

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Thanks to Cassie Edmiaston for the great Tumbling and Gymnastics Seminar!

Handstand and Shoulder work is always applicable to CrossFit!

Dynamic warm up

Group warm up

50 n 50 ghd.

Warm up emom for 10 minutes
Min 1 -30 seconds Handstand walk/hold
Min 2 -30 seconds alternating KB snatch

Shoulder bully

For time.
500 meter row
15 power snatch 105/ 75
500 meter row
12 power snatch 125 /85
500 meter row
9 power snatch 145/100

MaD Mobi
Press ups
Hamstring up n over
Calf stretch.



Burpee Day

dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

20-30 Strict pull ups

Warm up for snatch
BN snatch grip pp + oh squat.
2 second pause.

Build to a heavy snatch in 5 minutes

snatch touch n go
10-7-5 touch n go reps rest as needed between sets

4 minutes.
Max reps Burpees to a target 6″ above reach

MaD Mobi
Lat stretch band
Press ups
Hamstring up n over



Sophia Mundy

Sophia is getting FIT!!

Come try out our new pull-up rig today!

Class at 12:00pm



for CrossFit Cedar Park Team

headed to CrossFit South Regional

Sunday, May 3rd

Food * Music * Silent Auction * “Grace”

Tickets are $20 (12 & under free)

* Please let us know if you have something to donate *

CHILI Cook-off

$40 throw in

1st place trophy

email to sign up!

Dynamic moment prep 
Group warm up 
40 strict knee raises
Junk yard dog warm up
Build to a max snatch
in 7 minutes
Thrusters (95/65)
Pull ups
Mad mobi 
Thoracic extension on the wall
Knee on the wall
Press ups
Shoulder bully