Personal Training


CrossFit is completely modifiable to every person. However, many people prefer more the one-on-one approach with a trainer.

Personal training can help you take your fitness to the next level. Our certified coaches are very knowledgeable and experienced and can be a HUGE help when it comes to reaching specific goals.  

 During a personal training session you will have 1 on 1 attention from a coach, thus allowing them to understand exactly what you want to get out of your training.  Whether it be getting your 1st muscle up, lose weight, performing better for sports, or dead lifting twice your body weight, we will help you get there, and get there FAST.

Our rates are reasonable and we take pride in our knowledge and understanding of fitness. IMG_6532

If you are interested in personal training, please contact us at and we will get you in touch with a coach to set a free introduction to talk about your goals

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