Holly Jolly VIII Team Challenge

“Don’t Be Like THIS me”


This is our 8th year hosting this AMAZING and FUN Team challenge to help keep you on track with your diet and fitness during the Holiday Season!

* Teams of 4

* Kick-off Paleo Seminar

* Rule Book

* Online Food Logging

* Personal Coach

* At Home Workouts

* Get Lean while others are packing on the pounds


November 13th

12:00pm – Nutrition Seminar & Packet Pickup

November 14th

1st Day of HJ8

December 31st

9:30am – Holly Jolly VIII Finale


October 31st – November 5th- $50
November 6th – November 11th – $60
November 12th – November 13th – $70

What is Holly Jolly?

* Team Challenge involving CrossFit workouts and points for good nutrition

* You will get great results, lose inches and gain muscle DURING the Holidays!

* Set GOALS for 2017 that you never thought possible

* Commitment to eating PALEO

* Commitment to LOGGING Food and Workouts

* Commitment to AT HOME workouts

* Commitment to your TEAMMATES

*Commitment to FINALE on December 31st

*Commitment to having FUN

*If you are currently not enrolled with CrossFit 2222, you may still join the challenge!

The minimum training time is 2x per week plus the registration cost. Contact robin@crossfit2222.com for more information on our Holly Jolly Packages.


1. Pick your team or get on the “I need a team” list – write your name on the board at the box or email robin@crossfitcp.com

2. Be assigned a coach

3.  All team members must workout at CFCP  or at CF2222 at least 2 times per week (does not have to be at the same time)

4.  Teams will earn points by:
-Eating paleo 7 days a week (with the exception of 1 cheat meal per week)

           – -Wods done at CFCP/CF2222 or outside of CFCP/CF2222 (worth 1 point per wod, Limit to 3 WODs per day and 1 must be mobility)

     -Submitting individual Holly Jolly Journal Online complete with daily workouts and nutrition log by each Saturday. – No log, you will be penalized 20 points.

     -Meeting as a team (in CFCP/CF2222 T-shirts) to do a workout in a public location, or any other extra workouts per week. Pictures of your teams must be posted the the Holly Jolly VIII Facebook page.

        – 4 teammates show up – that is 4 points per teammate

         -3 teammates show up – that is 3 points per teammate

         -2 teammates show up – that is  2 points per teammate

   -Limit 1 Team Wod per week

  – There will be be “HOT” wods. Meaning watch facebook or twitter and you will be told a location and wod to get to by the end of the day. The points you receive are the same as the Team        Challenge

5. Points will be deducted for:

      – more than one cheat meal per week (3 point deduction)
– failure to meet your number of days at CFCP workouts
– failure to log workouts and nutrition (-20 if nothing is turned in)

6.  All points controlled by a Coach

      – Journals will be ONLINE and you can submit them daily to be graded.

      – Taking pictures of your food does not count at journaling for this challenge.

7.  Thanksgiving DAY is a full cheat day.  We understand that many of you travel from one family to the next on these days. Enjoy and get your butt back on the Paleo  Wagon the following day! Comprende?

8. A team workout will be executed at the conclusion of the Holly Jolly Challenge (December 31st) where points will be rewarded based on team performance. If only part of your team can make this challenge date, the workout will be adjusted.

Join Us!


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