Jami Mendoza


Level 1 CrossFit Certification
Jami Mendoza graduated from Texas State with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sports Science concentrated in Pre-Physical Therapy.
A life-long athlete, Jami has competed in athletics her whole life. She traveled extensively for USAA Swimming while juggling other sports such as track and cross country, The competitive foundation of swimming created a lasting impact in her life, instilling her with a love of competition that carried over to her start in CrossFit 6 years ago.
Jami saw a friend doing CrossFit when visiting her home in Louisiana and was hooked. From a few times a week, Jami was soon going multiple times a day until becoming a CrossFit Coach and Competitor.
After 3 years, she added Weightlifting. Her first USA Weightlifting meet turned into competing and training Weightlifting full time and representing her college as one of their first Weightlifting athletes. After graduating, Jami took her knowledge in Orthopedics and Exercise Physiology into her coaching and personal training, giving attention to athletes who are experiencing any muscle pain or aches in their body.
Jami loves “watching people transform and bring their motivation into the gym just to become something better. It makes coaching one of the most rewarding jobs!”