Meet Coach Jane


Meet Coach Jane Wolcott

Jane came to CrossFit in 2010 while pursuing cycling as her primary sport. When she stopped cycling in 2012, Jane switched to CrossFit as her primary form of fitness. After taking a break from CrossFit to get married and have two kids, Jane returned to CrossFit by joining CrossFit Cedar Park in the fall of 2015. Now she is thoroughly hooked and participating in the MAD Athletes program for competitors while learning and applying her knowledge as a coach.
Jane’s athletic background is broad, ranging from soccer and Taekwondo to crew and ballroom dance. Her experience with running, cycling, and swimming taught her a lot about testing the body’s limits at all distances from sprints to endurance events, and about the mental aspects of sport and fitness. She is excited to use her experience to help people change their lives and meet their goals.”
Dynamic warm up
Group warm up
Evil wheel /barbell rollouts
30 strict pull ups. On the rings. For quality use spotters
10-10-10-10. Each leg.
For time
box jumps for time. 24/20
Abmat Sit ups.
Games standards. Open hip at the top
Roll calves w bb
Calf stretch
Press ups
Lat band stretch


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