Amrap Monday

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dynamic movement prep 
Group warm up 
Thoracic extension.
warm up for oh squats
3 rounds of
5 kip swings on pull up bar
5 bn pp
5 oh squats. 5 sec pause at the bottom
Gradually working grip in.
OH squats 
Amrap in 5 minutes
20 steps overhead lunges 45/25
10 burpees
Rest 3 minutes 
Calf stretch
Amrap in 5 minutes 
9 Ground to overhead 95,65
9 box jumps 24/20
Rest 3 minutes 
Amrap in 5 minutes 
7 hand release Push ups
7 abmat Sit ups
7 overhead squats 95/65
Mad mobility. 
Lat stretch band
Knee on the wall
Press ups
Lat stretch band


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